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Big Bang Schools

A new network of schools for a new era. Living organisms to create the future.

Schools for creators.

We are currently developing a platform to host the first network of Big Bang schools.

We have also acquired a site of 20,000m2 in Thessaloniki to develop the first prototype in terms also of Architecture and planning.

Please contact us here if you own or manage a school and would like to discuss how you can become a part of the Big Bang Schools network and transform Education together!

Big Bang Web TV

Television and generally media, go trough the hardest time of their history.

Fake news, unreliability, negativism and focus on bad news, are only some of today's problems.

We are looking for young creators, to design and create the television of the future. Visit our website here

Alpha Reach by Big Bang

Connecting real world challenges with the world’s most innovative minds. A digital platform to transform schools into the innovation hubs of our planet! 

Advancing Human Intelligence (HI) based on what we call “Alpha Operating System – AOS”. Humanity’s original, clear, unbiased mindset and view of the world (a capability which is by definition possessed by children and youth).

In collaboration with Generation Alpha Ventures. For more information visit our dedicated website here.

Also under development

(looking for partners, so please contact us if something rings a bell to you!)

Big Bang parents school

Big Bang publications and content

Big Bang summer camps

Big Bang power food

Big Bang Edu-tainment

Alpha labs by Big Bang

Edu tech by Big Bang

Games by Big Bang

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