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«The first Big Bang created the world. This Big Bang will change the world!»

«A new type of schools and a new Education approach for Creators!»

«Go Big Bang!»


These are some of the headlines that followed our first public presentation in June 2016.

Big Bang is a new Education Organization aiming to unlock the potential of a new global generation in an era of exponential technology and change.

We believe that in the current times of exponential growth, Humanity has been left behind.

Needing to develop, acquire, or maintain the necessary skills, mindset and capabilities to create the future and thrive in the present.

Education as an institution has been also left behind in more or less the same approach originated approximately 200 years ago, aiming in doublicating the past.

Big Bang is about to change that. Becoming the catalyst to transform Education from a mechanism to re-create the past into a living «organism» to create the future.

A new Big Bang of Creation!

Transforming at the same time a new global generation into the active Creators of the future (instead of passive consumers of the present).

Advancing Human Intelligence (HI) towards a new Renaissance and a new civilisation paradigm.

Upgrading Humanity!

«Because the safest way to predict the future is to create it!»

Key Points

The key points of our approach turn practically Education as we know it upside down and can be summarized as follows (in bullets and in random order):

- From «doing» to «being»

- From «passive consumer» to «active creator»

- From «reproducing the past» to «create the future»

- From state of «attention» (Beta mind waves) to state of «flow» (Alpha mind waves)

- From «conservatism» to «disruption»

- From «left brain» to «right and left and spirit and body»

- From «AI» (Artificial Intelligence) to «HI» (Human Intelligence)

- From «mater» to «energy»

- From «scarcity» to «abundance»

- From «survival» to «thrive and happiness»

- From «fear and noise» to «power and silence»

- From «standardization» to «differentiation»

- From «analysis» to «synthesis»

- From learning as a «destination» to learning as a «journey»

- From «can’t do» to «can do»

- From «teacher to student» to «student to teacher»

- From «answers» to «questions»

- From «school as an education institution» to «school as an innovation / creation institution»

Please stay tuned for more information or contact us to discuss the Big Bang approach in more detail

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