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Meet our logo

Our logo has been developed and designed by one of the leading branding and design companies: Red Design Consultants. The same company who designed - among many other projects - the official emblem of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. We believe the Big Bang logo incorporates our key philosophy as it puts the "I am" in the centre of the Big Bang. It is also a fluid and flexible vocabulary that can be developed and adapted over time. Exactly as we are. There are also additional views and meanings as you can read here below. We thank you very much Ronda and Gina and all the team of Red Design!!!

THE MAGIC STICK/the /i/you have the power

through knowledge to be the magician

THE LOGOTYPE/timeless/clean/strong/straight forward/educational

THE BRACKETS/no limits /re-defining space/expansion/giving logotype more space than the one they contain

THE CODE/rewrite the code/redefine the rules/change /be the change/be a creator

//the synthesis/of all elements define the identity//

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